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Hi 🙂 And welcome. I’m so glad you’re here!

Mama Naturelle, in short, is a resource for women/moms on all things pregnancy, motherhood, life, and style.

I am passionate about pregnancy and childbirth, as well as empowering women to educate themselves about the choices they can make during this huge moment in their lives. I write candidly about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, motherhood, and healthy living, among other things.

As a mom myself, I know how difficult it is to remember who you are after having children. Your life, after all, revolves around your little humans and it’s sometimes tough to make room for ourselves. That is why I choose to share some of my passions on this blog as well: fashion and beauty, the home, plant-based recipes, and therapeutic crafts/DIY projects.

I really hope you’ll find what you’re looking for (or, maybe, need right now) on Mama Naturelle. Like I said, I’m so glad you found me!

A little bit about me: I was born in Toulouse, France, and raised on the small Caribbean island of Saint Martin, the source of many of my writing inspirations. You could say I lived the bohemian life until I was eighteen years old (when I left the island to pursue an education in New York.) During the majority of my childhood and teenage years, I rarely wore shoes and spent 90% of my free time outdoors or on the beach. Amazing, I know 🙂

I now live in Westchester County with my family, about a 35 minute drive from New York City. I love New York, but definitely miss year round sunshine and the easy island life.

Although I am lucky enough to be home with my sons, Liam and Noah, almost every day, I teach English, Creative Writing, and Communication at two local colleges.

My poems, short stories, and articles have been featured in Graffiti Literary Magazine, Cactus Heart Press, The Bangalore Review, The Write Place at the Write Time, and the LaMothe Review. I was a part of three literary journals over the course of four years, serving as fiction editor, associate editor, and editor-in-chief. I also worked as a columnist for L’Elite Magazine and as a French and English translator. I am currently editing my first novel, We Carved Our Names in Tamarind Trees. 

Feel free to check out the “Contact” section for contact info, previous collaborations, and some of my personal and professional achievements.

Happy browsing!

– Johanna


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