Winter Essentials All Women Need

My most asked question of all time is:

“Why on earth would you move to New York from the Caribbean?”

Obviously, it was for my studies… not the climate. I never expected to stay in the Northeast, but I met my husband sophomore year and the rest is history. I always tell him that the biggest demonstration of my love for him is that I’m still here lol.

In all seriousness, though, I really thought the NY cold would be something I could get used to over time. Fast forward 12 years… and nope. Still not used to it. Still struggling. Still miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the seasons, love being able to switch up my wardrobe and experiencing everything that each season has to offer, but there’s something that blows my mind about freezing our butts off for basically 5-6 months of the year. This became harder to deal with once we had kids, because, well, kids need to be outdoors. It’s good for them. They don’t seem to mind too much though and absolutely love the snow. So I guess that’s a positive.

As for me, snow isn’t my favorite unless I’m sitting inside with a cup of coffee to watch it fall. I’m the worst winter driver and am always cold so let’s just say that, during the winter, i’m not really in my element. I have, however, picked up tips + tricks along the way to make the wintertime a little more bearable.

I realized that when I feel my best during these gloomy months, I tolerate the winter better. And to feel my best, I need to be comfortable in my skin (and that means moisturizing that dry, flaky skin and having a nice glow) and love the clothes I’m in. A comfy, chic coat + some trendy boots are a must! After all, those are the only pieces of your wardrobe you get to show off during the winter.

Here are my 8 must-haves for the wintertime:

1. First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream // If you purchase any moisturizer during the winter, it must be this one. I’ve tried a ton, trust me. It’s so rich but never suffocates my skin, it absorbs beautifully, and is buttery soft on my skin. I’m obsessed! I can use it in the mornings too under makeup, which is huge for a rich face cream. It always fixes any flaky/dry skin issues I have. 

2. No7 Laboratories Dark Circle Corrector // Raved about this dark circle corrector in my stories yesterday and yes, it’s as good as it sounds! It is also tinted so it doubles as a lightweight concealer. It instantly brightens my eyes and I love that it has hyaluronic acid in it!

3. Combat Boots // Every girl needs a pair of combat boots. They work with all kinds of outfits (especially leggings!) and these are so sleek and don’t make my size 9 feet long enormous. They are also ridiculously comfortable and under $70!

4. St Tropez Express Tan // When I feel pale and need a self tan, I usually want instant results. This self tan is fabulous, and basically immediate. Perfect for impromptu date night!

5. Puffer Jacket / Coat // Since all you can show off during the winter is your coat, make it a good one! I love classic coats and puffer jackets that are easy to style with any outfits. I love this Michael Kors one and it’s on major sale!

6. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Brush // I’ve raved about this one way too many times on here – if you want to speed up your hair routine, get this brush immediately! It revolutionized my life. Great for the wintertime so you don’t have to air dry your hair. 

7. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops // These are amazing. All you do is mix in a few drops with your moisturizer (works perfectly with the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream listed above) and within a few hours, you have a brand new faux tan! I love that they never streak or look orange! 

8. Spanx Leather Leggings // My go to leggings for the fall, winter, and spring. I was on the fence for a few years and finally got them this year – should’ve pulled the plug years ago! So comfy, so sleek, so chic. My regular leggings look boring in comparison! These are so cute styled with the combat boots listed above – one of my go to outfits with a warm, chunky sweater!

What are your winter must-haves?

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