The Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys

I’ve been working so hard on this simple gift guide for boys, and I hope you’ll love it + get a bunch of ideas for your little ones at home.

At the end of the day, I’m not even going to pretend that I know a single thing about girls. As a matter of fact, I always slightly panic when I have to shop for a little girl Liam’s age. Like, what are they into? Barbies? Do Polly Pockets still exist?! And for the love of God, what the hell is an LOL Doll?

So I stuck to what I know best. Boys.

I’m a boy mama, and have perused the Amazon Prime boy selection too many times to count. So here I am bringing you the best in online finds for my simple gift guide for boys. You’re very welcome!

1.Advanced Play Dinosaur T-Rex

Such a great find for Noah, my youngest, who’s been super into dinosaur sounds. This T-Rex is actually huge, moves, makes 8 different roaring sounds, and sprays mist out of its mouth. My son is going to flip out on Christmas morning! I also snatched these to make it a set, and was super impressed with how realistic they look, too!

2. Simple Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets

Okay, you know when your kids come home exhausted, but also super hyper and irritable after school? Have them stick these magnets on the fridge to make a “farm scene”. Works for both my kids (almost 2 and 4 and a half!) I try to have them play with the magnets when I’m making dinner and want them out of the way.

3. Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Building Blocks

My oldest just started getting into building things, from legos to block towers and magnetic tiles – I love watching him get creative with castles and spaceships! I found this high quality wood block set and think he’ll love it this year. My brother and I had a similar set growing up and used them for so many years. P.S.) I also linked a similar castle building block set from FAO Schwartz that looks amazing. Really considering ordering that one too!

4. My First Magic Set

My oldest, Liam, is so into magic. I’d been looking for a really basic magic kit for him to learn a few tricks. Problem is most of them are too not age-appropriate or too complicated for a 4 year-old. I found this set for ages 4 and up, which is super cute, and also ordered him the Melissa & Doug magician costume. This combo will definitely be a hit this year!

5. My Buddy Wheels Dino Balance Bike

This balance bike is so cool! We actually gifted this one to the boys a few weeks ago and they both love taking turns and riding it around the house. It’s not huge, but still decently sized, so it works perfectly for siblings between the ages of 2-6. We love that the dinosaur “costume” can come off, and that it can also be a regular balance bike. So good for balance and learning the basics of bicycle riding! Their options are a dinosaur, a unicorn, and a horse. Such a reasonable price!

Also linking our PonyCycle for you guys because it was a huge hit last year! If you aren’t familiar with this ride-on toy, make sure to check it out!

6. Multi-Activity Balance Board

Okay, this one is such a great toy to have at home! First of all, it’s multi-function. My boys not only balance on this thing (or “surf”, as Liam likes to say), play with their cars and Magic Tracks on it (also linked here!), and even use it as a little stool during pretend play. It’s so much fun for all ages and is great balance practice. It’s fun letting the kids get creative with it!

7. Glow in the Dark Kickball Set for Boys

Ideal for the winter time when you’re stuck indoors. All you have to do is turn the lights off! I thought this would be fun for the boys to play with their dad on those “cabin fever” days. It glows super bright!

8. Magic Tracks Xtreme

We got our first set of these when Liam was 2, and recently got more tracks to get more creative in our living room! These are so fun, you guys. Both my boys are so entertained by this one! We also ordered more cars so the boys could have little races.

9. Simple Peel-and-Stick Lego Base Plates

How brilliant are these peel-and-stick base LEGO plates? They allow you to customize basically any piece of furniture into a lego table. I’ve also seen people stick them on bedroom walls for vertical play!

P.S.) I am so excited about the DIY play table (from Little Colorado) that I’ll be making for Liam. He’s going to freak out! Also getting him this 9 Bin Toy Storage Unit for lego pieces.

10. Chuckle & Roar Pop It & Playing Cards

This one isn’t on the photo, but if you haven’t checked out the Chuckle & Roar line at Target, you should! They have great age-appropriate educational toys and activities for little ones. I picked the Pop It! toy for Noah (so entertaining for car rides!) and a 4 pack of playing cards to introduce a few popular card games (such as Go Fish & War) to Liam.

That’s it for my gift guide for boys! I hope you enjoyed reading + are inspired to shop for your kiddos. If you have any questions, please, please, please do not hesitate to comment!

You can read more about why I love being a boy mom HERE + all about our family holiday shopping day at The Westchester HERE!


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