Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

My search for natural supplements for women and moms has ended! So excited to introduce you to one of my favorite supplement lines: Happy Healthy Hippie. 

Let’s be real, here: pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood take a serious toll on our bodies, both on the outside and… on the inside.

I had no idea that this would happen. That I would become 10x more in tune with my body after having kids (aka always knowing where I am in my cycle thanks to my hormonal ups & downs) and having a hard time finding true balance emotionally and physically. That’s where my search for natural hormonal balance supplements began.

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

When I found Happy Healthy Hippie, the first thing that stood out to me was their amazing packaging & marketing. It seemed like they totally understood their target audience and just got it. With names like “Go With the Flow”, “Joy-Filled”, and “Pump It Up”, my interest was immediately piqued. I felt like the line was created for me!

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

Go With the Flow is a collection of herbs that helps to balance hormones and reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause. The goal is for you to “go with the flow” of your cycle and be friends with your hormones. Exactly what I was looking for when I began my supplement research! I just wanted less of the extreme ups & downs of my cycle (mood swings, skin issues, etc.) I’ve been taking this one for a few weeks now and am feeling good so far… I’ll update as I go!


Pump it Up is a collection of herbs that work to support an abundant milk supply, as well as supporting you in your postpartum journeyAs an added benefit, the herbs included give your baby relief from gas & colic. This is the perfect mix for a new mama! My little one is almost 15 months and I am mostly taking it to keep my milk supply steady. But I love the added bonus of postpartum support and baby gas & colic relief! Makes me wish I’d found this brand sooner. But I’m glad I can share it with other mamas now! 🙂

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

Joy-Filled is an intentionally curated collection of herbs that helps to decrease anxiousness, uplift mood, relax the mind, and rid the body of tension.


Although I am beyond eager to try this supplement (I think all moms can benefit from it!), I will wait until Noah fully stops breastfeeding. Some of the herbs used in this particular mix are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

Which mix will you be trying?

Good news is that Happy Healthy Hippie currently has amazing cross promotions on Amazon right now, so if you purchase one bottle of choice, you can get the second or third 40% off! The perfect time to check out their line of natural supplements for women and moms!

Natural Supplements for Women and Moms

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