Bath Time Must-Haves For Toddlers


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Although Liam always enjoyed bath time, it’s become a lot more fun now that we have officially graduated from the inflatable tub! For a while, he did this flailing thing that involved recklessly throwing his head back (full force) as if there wasn’t a hard tub floor behind him. This involved a lot of stress and ninja catches, and for that reason, I preferred to stick to a padded tub for a while.

I’m relieved to say that now that we’re in the clear, I found the perfect items to make bath time enjoyable, safe, and comfortable for the both of us. You’re welcome!

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Mentioning this one first because no good bath is ever given on all fours! This little stool is the perfect height to be able to supervise bath time without needing to be hunched over the edge of the tub. I love that it folds up flat and is super easy to store underneath the sink. Dad approved, too!


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Ellie was an awesome discovery. The best invention ever! Liam has a tendency to want to mess with the spout which freaks me out considering that it’s hard, sharp, and not baby friendly at all. This soft, flexible silicone cover is not only adorable, but makes bath time a lot safer for toddlers who want to explore every inch of the tub (and Mommy a lot less high strung!) It slides on and off very easily and is BPA Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free. Personally, I find it much softer/sturdier than the other spout covers on the market.


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These are the cutest bath toys! I know what you must be thinking: they’re just floating bath toys. No big deal, right? What I love about these is their LED lights! Each toy has tiny sensors underneath it that activate once it hits the water (and shuts off when it’s stored away), making bath time extra fun for babies and toddlers alike.


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This toy mesmerizes Liam and I totally get it… It’s super zen to watch! It doesn’t require batteries – all your child needs to do is pour water on the penguin’s head and the bowtie will start spinning (Liam loves watching the water makes its way down!)

 This penguin is designed to assist in developing your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while he plays! What more can a Mama ask for? 


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Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.59.39 PMWe’ve had this one since Liam was a newborn. It’s a keeper! Instead of always needing to have a cup nearby to rinse soap off your baby/toddler, this fun rinser also doubles as toy. Liam loves pouring water onto himself and, lately, we’ve been having a lot of fun practicing the “Ready, Set, Pour” trick we learned at Swim Class. This boy sure loves water!


Voila! I included the links so you can easily find each item on Amazon. Don’t hesitate to comment if you’ve had success with these items too! 🙂

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