Summer Recipes: Easy, Organic Ice Pops

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Hi Everyone… and Happy 4th of July Weekend! Don’t worry – I won’t take up too much of your precious sunbathing/barbecue time 🙂 This is a quick and easy recipe that your tots will love on this warm, summer day!

I used these silicone popsicle molds by Chichic ($13.99 on Amazon!) but if you don’t have any molds handy, an ice cube tray and craft sticks will do just fine!

What I love about homemade pops is that there are so many different recipes you can come up with. Toddlers and kids alike will love them!

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someone seems to be enjoying them!


Here are three different recipes you can experiment with this weekend . . .


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Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 10.23.35 AM.pngAren’t these white peach, kiwi, and coconut water pops gorgeous? (Photo by Gourmande in the Kitchen)

They’re super easy to make too! Chop up some fruit (I prefer to dice it nice and small for my toddler), pour in the coconut water, and freeze for a few hours… voila!

Did I mention coconut water is amazing for babies? It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, treats gastrointestinal diseases, improves constipation in children, is effective in treating diarrhea in babies, possesses antimicrobial properties, and can treat UTIs.


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Again, so easy to make! these yogurt, strawberry, banana pops are a super nourishing snack!

I used Siggi’s 4% milk Icelandic yogurt (which Liam loves) and organic strawberries and bananas, diced small, at the bottom of the mold. These are perfect for a teething baby!



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Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 10.33.40 AM.png


Check out these homemade fudge pops by Whole and Heavenly Oven!

Perfect for toddlers over a year old and adults… of course 🙂

Love the idea of making your own fudge pops… especially when it’s this easy! Not a fan of the ingredients in traditional  pops. So unnecessary!



That’s it for today, guys! Hope you enjoy making these… and if you do, please comment and let me know if your family loved them! 🙂

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