4 Skincare / Beauty Lines to Fall For This Summer

During my first pregnancy, I  cleaned out my makeup drawer and decided to purchase simple, healthier beauty products to use from that point forward. I bought popular organic brands like Dr. Hauschka, but also some less popular ones like Watts Beauty, Earth Science, and Ecco Bella.

Why? Take a look at some of these frightening stats on traditional makeup and skincare items:


1. Out of 1,000 carcinogens the EU has banned, the US has only banned 9 of them.

2. Scientists have only “improved” upon all of the chemicals used in our beauty products, making the particles both smaller and stronger. This means they’re more easily absorbed into the skin and past the protective layers that once served as a barrier to these toxins.

3. Safe beauty products should have an expiration date, just like the food you ingest. According to Katey, most regular, non-natural products are like “bomb shelter food” in that they have extended shelf lives — just imagine what chemicals are in there to make them last that long.

4. When it comes to antiperspirant, you may want to consider going for the less potent, natural options. When you shave your armpits, you’re scrapping off a layer of skin — and then you apply the carcinogenic-filled deodorant right onto the vulnerable area right near your lymph nodes.

Although I was glad to have found some healthier alternatives for me  (and Liam!), I was concerned that there weren’t that many natural alternatives available that I truly loved, aside from the few select items I’d discovered online and in the beauty aisle of Whole Foods.

Over the course of the last year, I am thrilled to have found four small businesses that stand out in the beauty department. They are available on Etsy and I encourage you to look up their product lines to see if they correspond with your needs as a woman, expecting, or new mom.

The bottom line is this, ladies: Taking care of yourself and being beautiful does not mean you have to cake your skin with chemicals every single day!

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Faith, the founder of Little Herbal Apothecary, is a certified clinical herbalist and mom of 3 living in Lafayette, Colorado.

She created The Little Herbal to support parents in caring for their family using natural remedies. She sources the highest quality herbs, essential oils, and other raw materials to bring the finest skincare products and herbal remedies to her customers. Each product is handcrafted in small batches with love using safe, ethically sourced, organic ingredients.

Added bonus? Each purchase helps fund safe births all around the world. They  donate 5% of all sales to Kangu, directly funding services including prenatal care, assisted birth, postnatal care, neonatal care and emergency services for mamas & babies in need.

I tried a few of Faith’s products and have been using them ever since. The quality is simply unbeatable! She also has a great expecting/new mom and baby line  – I love the “Stinky Tush” spray for Liam and Mama’s Got Milk Tea Blend for me. I’ll definitely be ordering some of her pregnancy/postpartum recovery products the next time around.

Oh, I didn’t mention she makes tea, too?!  

My favorites: Rose & Carrot Face Cream, Real Good Body Lotion, Sweet Lips Coconut Almond Lip Balm (the first lip balm I literally want to lick off my lips the second I put it on! Smells delish!)

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The moody sisters are quite different in almost all aspects of life, but they shared one common interest: finding organic skincare remedies. Jess had resigned herself to a life of acne and rosacea, deciding it would be better to live as a hermit than to pay such exorbitant prices for skincare. Whitney had worked as a skincare consultant for five years, but still found few products that wouldn’t flare up her eczema or cause a severe allergic reaction. After hundreds of dollars spent on doctor’s visits and harsh chemicals that failed to calm their skin woes, the sisters had had enough and turned to nature for their remedy.

Thus, Moody Sisters Skincare was born. For months the sisters toiled over their stoves and sinks perfecting products that would help their moody skin. As they developed and tested their lotions, toners and deodorants they suddenly realized that not only did they enjoy these products, but others would too. And the sisters were delighted to realize that since the products were completely chemical and paraben free, they were also safe for their young daughters. The products range from sensitive skin cleansers and moisturizers to blemish and oil control products, from luxurious lip balms to aluminum-free deodorants and scrubs.

So impressed with this edgy, fun, down-to-earth product line!

Favorites: Tea Tree/Peppermint Deodorant, Lightweight Aloe Face Moisturizer

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Destiny was always passionate about makeup. She spent her teenage years doing anything she could to learn about cosmetics, beauty, and skin care, and even grew to build her career out of it.

Candid Rouge Beauty Apothecary was created so that all women of all skin tones (she offers up to twelve shades for each item!) can have quality, all natural cosmetics that blend well and make their skin look vibrant. Some of Destiny’s go-to ingredients are jojoba, grape seed, and carrot oil, which don’t just make skin glow, they also heal it. Grape seed oil has anti inflammatory properties, and carrot oil, packed with vitamin A, heals, protects, and regenerates dry skin.

My favorites: Brightening Concealer, Mineral Foundation, 3 in 1 Color Stick, Stick Foundation

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The idea behind EarthWise Natural Skincare is to use nature’s intelligence to create healthy, wholesome, and luxurious skincare products that are inspired by the Earth itself.

Angie’s products are free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and chemical preservatives. By using ingredients that are certified organic, fair trade, wild harvested, or unrefined, she believes we are also working to protect the earth from the damage that growing and harvesting these ingredients in conventional ways would cause.

Being EarthWise also means the packaging for the products has to be considered and chosen based on its individual consequences for the planet. To Angie, it would not make sense to package the most wholesome and fair ingredients in a fossil fuel-derived plastic container, so she uses glass, tin, and compostable paperboard. All three are highly recyclable and less energy-intensive to produce.

By supporting EarthWise, you will be supporting healthier and more sustainable agriculture, cleaner water, fair incomes for the people growing the ingredients, and sustainability, all while indulging in luxurious, chemical-free, and healthy products for your family’s skin. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold!

Favorites: Natural Clay Deodorant, Shea and Jojoba Body Butter, Aloe Vera Filled Soap


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Love this facial cleansing brush and massager by Thena! I wash my face religiously morning and night, but often feel as if it isn’t enough. This brush cleanses and exfoliates 10 times more effectively, removing dirt, oil, and flaky skin without abrasions. It’s actually perfect for my sensitive skin!

My favorite part is that it’s waterproof, perfect for travel due to its small, compact size, and charging it once lasts for months!


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 4.51.54 PM.png


I also love these Spongelux blending sponges! They’re 100% toxin free and don’t irritate my sensitive skin, unlike cheaper sponges that cause inflammation. These blenders are made from the same medical grade hydrophilic foam as the Original Beautyblender and will not inflame acne like some makeup brushes do. I love the varying sizes and shapes!

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